Working together on the reletless pursuit of excellence on and off the field.



Bring communities together through great baseball memories.

Provide indoor training with qualified EL1 trainers during the off season.

Coach based on the core values of TBC’s Mission Statement.

Develop young athletes into successful skilled and talented players; with the character development as our primary goal.

Provide a “Baseball Family” environment that continues to lift each other up.

Teach integrity, teamwork, respect, good sportsmanship, commitment, humility, discipline, self-control, dedication, determination, preparation, decision making and community service through sports- with the goal of developing the whole player.



Great coaches, trainers and families!

Mentor-ship programs between age groups and community service

Team outings and group travel

Positive/neutral mind-set of players, coaches, and families.  Mindset is everything!

TBC DR Dugout


Achieving our standard requires players to adhere to and always remain focused on our core values:

TBC players will face success, failure, opportunity and adversity and their response to these moments will define their character. In facing these moments, a TBC player is expected to show great support as a teammate, a humble reaction motivation and consistent work ethic to respond to adversity and an even-tempered emotional response to all situations.

Our players understand their commitments to family, school, coaches, teammates, and the community.  They must take personal ownership and accountability for their actions.

Winning Attitude:
TBC players must always bring the right attitude. The focus is on  “We” never “Me”.

A TBC player understands that the opportunity to play for the organization is a gift. It is a gift because of the commitment of time and money made by their family, the dedication to teaching and development offered by their coaches and the culture of the organization - all of which are designed to maximize their development as a ball player and a young man.

We lead by example and TBC players understand that being a person who gives back to their community is an important character trait. All players are encouraged to participate in community service events and, in doing so, will learn the value of service.



Service Learning Goals:

TBC families will be given opportunities to come together to help give back to a local and international communities.  These can be done at the team level or as an organization. These will count for service hours for their high school requirements.